About Us

About The Beef Barn

We are very much the same family restaurant that our parents envisioned when they opened the doors to The Beef Barn in 1969 and we continue to embrace that approach forty-five years later. We're a home-grown operation, not only because we work the counters but because the walls around us are infused with history. The trademark silo came from our grandfather’s farm – hauled here on a flatbed truck. The chicken coop was built by our Uncle. The antiques inside - vintage hatboxes from McCarthy's, original signage from Cobble Rock - tell the story of local businesses from around North Smithfield and Woonsocket. The menu is almost identical to the original and though we’ve added a few poultry items, everything remains under five dollars and everything remains homemade. Our roast beef is cooked low and slow for eight hours, is sliced throughout the day and is as popular as the day we opened our doors. That’s why we go through a hundred pounds of it each and every day.

Of course, the other reason we’ve succeeded for nearly half a century is because of the people at The Beef Barn. Not only do we have employees who’ve been with us for forty years, our customers are true regulars, often stopping by for lunch seven days a week . We certainly love to feed tourists passing through Rhode Island but it's the people we know by name who are our bread and butter; they’ve made us who we are today. So while other restaurants might be concerned with new menus and modern dishes, we’re all about highlighting what’s always worked. Our plan is simple – and that’s what makes it good.

- Marc Branchaud & Michelle Branchaud

Friendly Staff

Our Friendly staff is here to help you. Some have been here for over 40 years! Try one of our fresh cut potato chips or purchase one of our Beef Barn T-Shirts. Most of all, have a roast beef sandwich, or two!

Plenty Of Seating

Sit at one of our many tables and booths, or sit bar side right where all of the action is at!

The Chicken Coop

Sit and relax in our chicken coop.
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